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Protect from unstable Energy Prices

Make substantial savings on your annual energy bills by fitting a Solar Energy Solution system from Icarus

Add Value & Reduce your Carbon Footprint

Move away from fossil fuels like gas, oil and coal and help fight the changing climate by using your own home to generate the energy you need.

Why not make the most of your own rooftop and use the energy you create.

Solar is the perfect solution if you want to try and become as self sufficient as possible and help the environment.

For help and advice on what a household renewable solution could look like for you and what benefits they could bring, please contact us.


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Icarus were fantastic. Easy to talk to, tailored solutions and delivered on time and within budget

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Store your energy with a tesla powerwall

0% VAT on your Powerwall

Backup energy when you need it. Starting February 1, 0%
VAT is calculated into your final costs so you can order
Powerwall at a lower price.*

By generating your own clean energy and storing it in
Powerwall, you can reduce your reliance on the grid and
maximise energy savings.

I would highly recommend John and Dave. We were struggling with too many options and they simplified the process to make it easy for us to understand

customer testimonial